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We supply our customers with only the highest quality pharmaceuticals and the purest compounded ingredients to treat diseases. We also provide first class vitamins, nutritional supplements, and herbal regimens that are proven safe and effective to enhance the overall quality of your health.

  • Home delivery of prescriptions within 4 hours to 8 hours
  • Clinically Integrated Pharmacy Centers with EMR, ACO,HIE’s.
  • Medication Therapy Management Intervention
    including periodic systematic medication review and reconciliation
  • Medication adherence monitoring

Locally owned and operated

We are a locally owned and independently operated pharmacy serving the community with individualized patient care, and specialized services that cannot be found at a chain pharmacy.

We make the time to put “people first”. From our neighborhood pharmacy feel to our services catered to fit each patients’ needs, we give thought to every detail to improve the quality of life for our patients, prescribers and facilities alike.

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An experienced staff for all of your needs.

At Healthy Rx Pharmacy, you will meet qualified, experienced pharmacists and staff who truly care about you and your family, and are dedicated to serving the community where they live and work. We focus on improving patient health at the best possible value for our customers!

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